Artwork Guide

File Types & Resolution

To ensure your sign look its best we require high resolution files. Vector (Ai .EPS .PDF hi-res) format files are strongly reccomended. We can accept Bitmap (.jpg .png .psd) files however we reccomend they are created at full size.

How can I tell what type of file I have?

If you zoom in on your logo or document and you can see any pixelation then your image is not in vector format. You may need to contact you graphic designer or previous printer to locate the vector version.

Can I re-save my logo in the right format?

If your file is not in vector format re-saving it as a different extention will not effect the resolution.

What if I don't have my logo/files in that format?

You can submit a request for your logo/artwork to be recreated. We will re-create your logo and supply you with all the files for your future use. Cost for logo re-creation is $25. Please click here to complete the form. Ausign Logo/Artwork Creation